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A Systematic Literature Review: Implementation of Geogebra Mathematical Software on Students^ Mathematical Abilities in Learning Mathematics
Amelia Ancella Pinto, Farida Nurhasanah
Corresponding Author: Amelia Ancella Pinto

Question from Mr. Yosep Dwi Kristanto
2023.07.28 21:43:54

Hello Ms Amelia,

Thanks for your presentation on a systematic literature review about the
implementation of GeoGebra on students^ mathematical abilities in learning
mathematics. I have a few questions regarding your research methods and findings:

[1] What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria that you used for the systematic
review? I^m interested in understanding the specific criteria that guided the
selection of studies in your analysis.

[2] How did you and your research team determine whether a study met the
inclusion criteria for the review? It would be insightful to know more about the
screening and selection process.

[3] During your presentation in the Results section, you mentioned that GeoGebra is
effective in improving (a) mathematical communication skills, (b) problem-solving
skills, (c) mathematical concept understanding, and (d) mathematical connection
skills. However, in your conclusion, you included an additional item, mathematical
reasoning. Could you clarify this inconsistency between the Results section and the

[4] As your review found evidence of GeoGebra^s effectiveness in improving
students^ mathematics abilities, I^m interested in understanding how you and your
research team synthesized the results from the various studies. Could you elaborate
on the process of synthesizing the literature findings?

Thank you.

Reply from Ms. Amelia Ancella Pinto
2023.07.29 08:32:26

Hello Mr Yosep,

Thank you for the question you gave, here I will answer your question as
best I can.

1. For the inclusion and exclusion criteria that I use here, the first I use is
the year the article was published, we take articles published between
2018-2023. Secondly, I choose articles that discuss the implementation of
Geogebra in learning mathematics, maybe there will be articles that discuss
it to improve overall mathematical abilities. then if we feel that the article
is still lacking, we filter it again by selecting articles that discuss the
implementation of Geogebra in improving mathematical abilities.

2. I found the inclusion criteria for review as I mentioned in number one, if
the article was published between 2018-2023 and discussed the
implementation of GeoGebra in improving mathematical ability, then I would
use that article for my review. then we also select articles that discuss the
implementation of Geogebra on mathematical abilities but not
comprehensively, such as we will select one by one examples of ^GeoGebra
implementation in improving understanding of concepts/communication
skills/connection skills^ and so on.

3. As for the additional item at the conclusion, actually I wanted to present
it too but it turned out that the time was running out because the max
video was only 7 minutes so I didn^t have time to present it, but it^s in my

4. we looked at the outline of the discussion of the article that we had
reviewed at that time, then we also read the conclusions of the article and
found that the implementation of geogebra in mathematical ability actually
had a positive effect on improving students^ mathematical ability.

Thank You.

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