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Scaffolding Technique in Teaching Algebraic Arithmetic Operations to Junior High School Students with Diverse Emotional Intelligences
Era Hervilia (a*), Sri Subanti (b), Ikrar Pramudya (c), Farida Nurhasanah (d)
Corresponding Author: Era Hervilia

Question from Mr. Yosep Dwi Kristanto
2023.07.28 22:18:09

Hello Ms Era,

Thanks for your presentation on the impact scaffolding technique on students^ error
in teaching algebraic arithmetic operations to junior high school students with
diverse emotional intelligences. I^ve few questions regarding your presentation.

[1] During your presentation, you mentioned using the Shapiro-Wilk test to test the
normality of the data. I would appreciate it if you could clarify which data the test
was applied to. Was it the pretest scores, posttest scores, or the differences
between each student^s pretest and posttest scores?

[2] In your conclusion, you mentioned a significant influence of scaffolding usage
(X) on student errors (Y). I^m interested in understanding how you measured the
dependent variable, specifically the student errors. Did you use posttest and pretest
data? If so, how did you assess the students^ posttest and pretest errors? Did you
count the number of errors for each student^s pretest and posttest?

[3] The title of your paper includes ^diverse emotional intelligences,^ but I didn^t
notice it being mentioned in the results, discussion, or conclusion during your
presentation. I am curious to know why this aspect was not discussed, and how
emotional intelligence relates to the study.

Thank you.

Reply from Ms. Era Hervilia
2023.07.29 08:58:14

Hello Mr. Yosep.
Thank you for your question for me.
In below i will answer it :

1. Yes, it was. The Shapiro-Wilk test was conducted using the pretest and posttest scores from six students, but in this study, we selected three students to represent each emotional quotient category.

2. Yes, I did. I measured whether scaffolding has a significant influence on student errors (Y) using the scores obtained by students when they took the pretest and posttest.

3. In the results, discussion, and conclusion, it has been mentioned, but I did not elaborate extensively because the purpose of my research was to determine whether there is an influence of scaffolding. In the results, I explained that I divided the data into three categories of emotional quotient: high, moderate, and low, to discuss the outcomes of the pretest and posttest answered by the students.

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