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Analysis of Epistemological Obstacle on the Material of Two-Variable Linear Equation System
Hendri Lutfiatul Hamam Nafis, Budi Usodo, Siswanto, Farida Nur Khasanah
Corresponding Author: Hendri Lutfiatul Hamam Nafis

Question from Mr. Yosep Dwi Kristanto
2023.07.29 12:22:47

Hello Mr Hendri,

During your presentation, you mentioned that a student^s response of ^12 buah^ (12
fruits) to the sum of eight oranges and four bananas problem was interpreted as
incorrect due to the use of different variables for oranges and bananas. However,
wouldn^t it be more appropriate to consider the problem in a straightforward arithmetic
context, where the number of oranges is 8, and the number of bananas is 4? In such a
context, the student^s answer ^12 fruits^ would be considered correct. I^d like to
understand the reasoning behind the interpretation and whether the introduction of
variables is necessary for this specific problem.


Reply from Mr. Hendri Lutfiatul Hamam Nafis
2023.07.29 13:09:54

sorry in advance, in my opinion the variable should be clear, is it an orange or is it a banana. for example x = number of oranges and y = number of bananas, is it 4x+8y = 12xy? In my opinion, the introduction of variables from the start is very important so that you don^t experience subsequent errors, sorry if my answer is not quite right

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