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Treatment of Swamp Water into Raw Water using Blended Activated Charcoal and Moringa Seeds (Moringa oleifera lamk)
Isnaini M. Y. Bangko*, Baharuddin Hamzah, Tri Santoso, Sitti Rahmawati, Sri Hastuti Virgianti
Corresponding Author: Isnaini M.Y Bangko

Question from Mr. Nicolaus Nezha Nunez Mahasti
2023.07.28 05:08:35

Can you define the adsorption mechanism of the system?

Reply from Ms. Isnaini M.Y Bangko
2023.07.28 11:06:42

Determining the value of moisture content and ash content needs to be done
because this affects the adsorption process
- The third step of the swamp water management process uses a comparison of
the adsorbent composition of activated charcoal, coconut shell, and moringa seeds
The swamp water management process in this study was carried out by modifying
the work procedures that had been carried out previously by (Rahmawanti &-
Dony, 2016) first preparing a mixture of coconut shell charcoal and moringa seeds
(Moringa oleifera lamk) by manual stirring until a homogeneous mixture was
obtained, using a composition of shell charcoal and moringa seeds. Comparison of
the composition of a mixture of activated charcoal of coconut shells and seeds
namely- sample code A composition 0-1 (coconut shell and moringa seeds),
sample code B composition 1-0 (coconut shell and moringa seeds), C code sample
of composition 1-1 (coconut shell and moringa seeds), D code sample of
composition 1-2 (coconut shell and moringa seeds), and finally code E sample of
composition 2-1 (coconut shell and moringa seeds), the second step put 500 mL of
swamp water into the beaker, the third step put a mixture of coconut shell
activated charcoal and moringa seeds into a beaker containing 500 mL of swamp
water with a composition of activated charcoal mixture test sample, The fourth
step is stirred using a magnetic stirrer for 3 minutes, the fifth step separates the
charcoal and swamp water using filter paper, the sixth step analyzes the iron metal
(Fe) content, then performs steps 2 to 6 sequentially with the previously described
composition for test samples B, C, D and E.

Thank you for the answer from me.

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