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Novelina Andika Kusuma (a), Meida Wulansari (b), Nurma Yunita Indriyanti (c)

Department of Science Education, Sebelas Maret University


The issue of global warming and climate change is of concern to the whole world. Many students are irrational in conveying their conceptions regarding this problem. Therefore, this research was carried out with the aim of evaluating teachers, schools and educational institutions. This research uses quantitative descriptive as its methodology. Data were taken from ninth grade students at 3 different schools in Surakarta City, Indonesia using stratified cluster random sampling technique and analyzed using descriptive statistical data analysis techniques. The instrument used was an open-ended questionnaire consisting of ten questions which included five indicators, namely comparing, classifying, interpreting, inferring, and exemplifying. There are 4 categories of students^ conceptual understanding levels, namely no response, no conceptual understanding, partial conceptual understanding and partial conceptual understanding with specific misunderstanding, and sound conceptual understanding. The results of this study indicate that 41% of ninth grade junior high school students in Surakarta do not have an understanding of the concept, 30% have a partial understanding of the concept, and 29% have a good understanding of the concept.

Keywords: Conception, global warming, climate change

Topic: Environmental Education

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Novelina Andika Kusuma)

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