Factors That Can Affect Critical Thinking Skills-A Literature Review
Nella Puspita Sari, Munawir Yusuf, Sri Yamtinah

Sebelas Maret University


This study deals with critical thinking skills which are one of the skills that must be mastered in the 21st century. Critical thinking skills can be trained in learning activities in various ways. Critical thinking skills can help students to solve problems and assist in making decisions and assessing the situations they face in the real world. To improve critical thinking skills, we need to know the factors that can affect students^ critical thinking skills. A systematic review of various literature is carried out to provide an overview of the factors that can influence critical thinking skills. The results show that factors that can affect critical thinking skills are the curriculum used, learning activities in the classroom where the teaching methods and media used by the teacher have a major influence on students^ critical thinking skills, an intelligent learning environment, learning motivation, peer involvement, and experience. obtained outside the classroom also affects students^ critical thinking skills.

Keywords: Critical Thinking Skills

Topic: Biology and Biology Education

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