Student Perceptions in the Development of Web-Based Virtual Tour Applications for learning biodiversity
Diki Muhamad Chaidir- Diana Hernawati- Irani Hoeronis- Rinaldi Rizal Putra

Biology Education Department, Universitas Siliwangi- Informatics Deapatment, Universitas Siliwangi


The development of learning using virtual applications has now been widely developed to be able to help students understand material about biology. This web-based virtual tour application was developed based on information needs for information on biodiversity potential local nearby. Student perception is seen from several devices: feasibility, content, and aesthetics. The application development method uses the waterfall method with the Communication, Planning, Modelling, construction, Deployment, and maintenance sequence. Each stage of development provides an overview of the stages of each process in developing the device. Overall, the devices gave me a very good perception of students. The web-based virtual tour application provides clarity, material content, and aesthetics for biology learning on biodiversity material. The information contained in the application is very helpful in obtaining data on potential local diversity. However, its use still has obstacles, especially a stable internet connection.

Keywords: Virtual Tour, Biodiversity, Student Perceptions

Topic: Biology and Biology Education

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